pain brings alchemy.

going for an evening walk @ the beach.

Exercise has become a new way for me to deal with stress. I've never been one to enjoy exercise, so this is a strange thing...maybe even proof that I've officially lost my mind. Working out gives me something to focus on, and once I'm done, I feel amazing. My first Zumba class yesterday was so much fun - I think I'm hooked. I've even made a new friend at the gym (yay)! The only bad thing, is that sometimes I don't want to leave the gym because I know that once I leave my mind is going to start traveling all over the place & start playing tricks on me.

Before leaving the hospital, the nurses gave me a list of support groups that I could check out - I did want to go but I never did - however, I've recently realized that it may be a good idea. I've also contacted my moms pastor (who I love) to guide me through this process. I'm doing ok for the most part, but some days are really bad. I can't even put into words what those days feel like but what I can say, is that those days make me realize that I do need help.
Since I can't stay in the gym all day, everyday - I'm on the quest to finding other things I can do to occupy my mind. I was thinking of going to the craft store this weekend to buy some canvas and paint, but we're about to get hit by Hurricane Irene, so I may have to put that off, lol. First an earthquake on Tuesday and now this - Mother Nature is not playing this week - I can only imagine what winter will be like :(