a moment with my fro: SHEA MOISTURE

Shea Moisture products have literally saved me from resorting back to a relaxer. As many naturalista's know, this can be a frustrating process, especially when you're still in the stages of learning about your hair. I'd see products working magic in some girls hair and be a complete flop with mine! During a Target run, I checked out the natural hair section (sometimes I'm still in shock that there's such a section) and decided to test out Shea Moisture. I couldn't believe the price for the size of the containers - you know companies are famous for trying to stick naturals for our entire paycheck for one product. I have to say, I've been hooked since taking a chance on these products! The quality for the price is out of this world. Never have I used a product that has made my hair so soft and manageable.
The Curl Enhancing Smoothie is my absolute favorite, doing exactly what it promised! This product gives my curls LIFE dddahhhhlings! I haven't used another product that has given me this much bounce curl and shine. The Hold & Shine spray has been essential this summer, making sure that my curls don't turn into a hot mess despite this nasty New York humidity.

PS: There was definitely an earthquake in New York today - a 5.9! Uuummmm...for a second I thought, "yup, the world is coming to an end RIGHT NOW!!!!". I haven't been in an earthquake since I was in the 1st grade back in Jamaica - and I'm freaked out because this isn't a usual occurrence in NY - well not quakes that we actually feel anyway. Our planet is in trouble. Where's Captain Planet when you need him?