heatwave: 106 degrees +

As you may have heard, New York is experiencing a heatwave and today was absolutely disgusting. Temperatures reached about 106 degrees today, factor in the humidity and felt like about 115 degrees. On days like today, I'm glad I don't have a perm or weave, because I would have definitely lost my mind out there today. Big Sis and I even resorted to buying McFlurries, and from the exit to getting into the car - it melted.  Can you imagine?
I was hoping to go down to Battery Park tomorrow, but I know my husband is not gonna have that in this heat, lol.
Today I went into my job to have my evaluation done. Between my self evaluation and the evaluation done by my managers, we seemed to be on the same page. I'm doing well and meeting requirements, but not going above and beyond. This was no surprise. At my last job, I went above and beyond to the point where I was working almost 60 hours a week sometimes, never spending time with my husband or family and I started getting stomach aches every time I walked into the building. With this job, I've made an effort to do what I have to do, but not get to the point where they keep adding on responsibility while my paycheck stays the same. As an over achiever, it sucks to know that I'm not working at a level that I know I can - but I have no work stress at this time and I do get awarded as the top sales person from time to time. I'm basically buying time until I get on the path to where I really want to go. I no longer want to be taken advantage of and breaking my back for companies that I don't own...but I do enjoy my current job.
On another note - it was so nice to see my co-workers. I haven't been to work since everything happened and am not authorized by my doctors to go back as yet. Although I've only known these people for a short time, they've been so supportive throughout this whole ordeal - I got so many hugs today. I thanked everyone for the flowers, the edible arrangements, the cards, the texts, phone calls, facebook messages - they're amazing!
By the way - have you ever had a Chicken Cesar Salad Pizza? To die to for!