no tears in the concrete jungle.

When I was pregnant, I yearned to have my mother around, and after Jolie's passing I've been needing her even more. Unfortunately she wasn't able to fly up to New York right away, but I'm grateful for her short but very love filled visit. Yesterday was our only full day together during her stay and when she asked me what I wanted to do, I didn't hesitate to suggest Manhattan. Granted I should not have gone to The City yesterday - I'm not supposed to be doing THAT MUCH walking as yet (I'm paying for it today)...luckily the heat wasn't as bad yesterday so I was pretty cool for the most part. Besides, my husband has been able to get more sleep since he now has the car to drive back and forth to work since I can't go back to the office as yet, hopping on the train on going about my business was the best thing to do.
On the train ride over we also realized that it was Lil Sis' first time in Manhattan. She was in awe as she walked out of Grand Central and into a sea of skyscrapers. By the way, I can't get over the fact that my baby sister is growing up so fast. She's 11 now, almost taller than me and no longer a little baby whose diaper I have to change.
After walking around for a bit and undecided on what to do, we figured we should eat lunch first. We decided on Ruby Tuesday - a much swankier version than we're used to outside of Manhattan, lol. As we waited for our table, we sat next to the cutest little family - a husband and wife playing with their baby girl. She was such a happy little baby, cooing with us and reaching out her hands to us with the biggest laughter I've ever heard from someone so small. As much as I love babies, I had to try to turn away and try to tune her out, because her parents were playing with her the same way that I imagined my husband and I would play with our baby girl. It hurt so bad. The couple was called to be seated before us as they had been there first, as she stood up I realized that the mom was carrying another bundle of joy in her tummy - I kept thinking how lucky and blessed she was...and as painful as this process is right now, I know that eventually God will bless me with my own little family one day.
Lunch was filled with so much laughter from our table. Myself, Mommy and Lil Sis kept cracking jokes and laughing at the most ridiculous things. We ended up getting a variety of appetizers to share between the 3 of us and fresh juices.
My moms strawberry lemonade was amazing! You could literally taste
the freshness of the strawberries in each sip! So yummy!


Good ol' Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese and Celery
Springs Rolls
Chips & The most amazing Artichoke Dip
They've recently added Gourmet Cupcakes to the menu - Red Velvet & Carrot Cake
After lunch we walked around for sometime again before randomly deciding to go to The Empire State Building. None of us had ever why not? Being up there was so surreal, this city that seems so big was so miniscule all of a sudden. Everyone and their huge ego's looked like puts things into perspective. We are so small in this thing called life.
And there you have first day without crying in the past 2 weeks.
I hope to have more of these days.
Thanks for your support during this difficult time.