This morning I woke up with the image of my daughter on the ultrasound screen. I still can't believe that God has blessed me with this gift. I can't help but to wonder what kind of child she will be and all the things we're going to do together. After the appointment yesterday, my husband is even more obsessed with my belly than usual. Once we got home from the hospital he was continuously talking to the baby and rubbing my belly - Baby seemed to enjoy it because she was moving so much! Her movements are getting stronger and it's easier for him to feel her now. Lil Sis is here visiting and she also got to feel her niece move as well. From the beginning she kept insisting that I was going to have a girl, so she's uber excited about having a 3rd niece at the bold age of 11 years old - lol. She brags a lot about that! Now that I know I'm having a girl, I hope I can control my impulse to buy every cute thing I see. The next big project is to work on the baby shower with Big Sis - time is flying - this upcoming week is my last week of my 5th month. Trimester number 3 is staring me in the face and Baby's due date is creeping up on me - so much to do!