22.4: My Mini/Daddys Little Girl

Dear Baby, Today I saw your heart beating in your chest - I saw you yawning - moving your little arms around and doing flips. Although I feel you moving all the time, my heart melted as I could actually see you moving for the first time. A miracle. It finally hit me today that I'm carrying a life inside of me.

You refused to stay in one spot during the sonogram, lol. You were turning and flipping - you're one active little baby. We almost gave up trying to find out what sex you were because you would not cooperate. Finally the ultrasound technician was able to get some good shots of you and called in your Dad - she then announced that you are a perfect LITTLE GIRL!!!! What a shocker - I was so convinced that I was having a boy, lol.

We were cracking up at the fact that it seemed as if you were staring right at us and trying to say something. Most sonograms I see is usually just the profile, but you were hamming it up for the camera and making sure that we saw your little face. Your dad is already calling you "Daddys Little Princess"...oh my goodnesss he's going to spoil you.

We initially didn't want to know if you were a girl or boy - but once we saw you we couldn't help it.

We love you so much Baby Girl.