20.4 stressed out

imagine via the sartorialist

I would love to be one of those blissful pregnant women...I really would...but I'm not. I'm known for being an upbeat person and while I am 90% of the time, durirng my pregnancy, the other 10% is really bad. It's hard for me to eliminate all my stress just because I'm pregnant - and although I'm so excited about my child - being pregnant makes me stress even more because I'm so worried about the baby.

I had a wake up call today.
There I was at work carrying all my stress on my shoulders and I started feeling pain in my lower abdomen - I knew it was the stress. Then I started feeling as like a bad mother because my stress was now physically affecting myself and the baby. Of course I started crying...by myself in the bathroom...over dramatic. I tried some breathing exercises to calm down and it seemed to help, but I was trapped in the stall for a good 10-15 minutes in fear that one of my co-workers would see me.
I need to learn how to better manage my stress, especially while I'm carrying this child.
Lord help me.