20.3 No Insurance? No Gender Reveal? No Job?

mother and daughter via JAK AND JIL
Today I tried calling the hospital to make an appointment for my Level 2 ultrasound to check on the baby and of course learn the gender. I actually tried to book the appointment yesterday but I didn't have all the information with me so I called back today. The woman asked me to tell her about my insurance, I told her I didn't have any but that I was pending for some other program. Of course I didn't have all that info so she called over to the Family Center to get my info. About an hour later she called back and basically told me that I didn't qualify for anything and would have to pay for everything 100% out of pocket. For some reason I decided to ask what that fee would be for this ultrasound on Saturday, only to realize it was over $600...
My job doesn't offer insurance until after 6 months, so I still have a little while to go because I get it. Allegedly my husbands will be kicking in soon - but we'll see...
But as of now I have nothing to cover my past appointments or the upcoming ones.Since I wasn't initially as eager to find out the sex of the Baby, this may be a sign for me to stick it out and be surprised when I give birth - I believe I can do it. I know some friends and family are going to be disappointed, but I'm carrying this Baby - this is our child and whatever we decide is what its gonna be.

Yesterday I decided to talk to HR about maternity leave since I'm half way through my pregnancy. I basically found out that because I haven't been at my job for a year as yet, I don't quality for FMLA or any kind of maternity leave. I would have to leave and hope that they kept my spot, as they are not required to do so and can fill my position at any time.
I'm doing my best to stay positive and not have those panic attacks that I'd frequently have upon finding out I was pregnant.
In the end, my life is in the hands of God and I'm positive that he'll guide me through.