20.1 . . . The 20 Week Checkup!

Dear Baby,This morning before work I headed over to the doctors for my 20 week check up. It seems as if they were overcrowded or overbooked today because I was there much longer than usual. Daddy didn't come to this checkup because from now on they'll be pretty routine - weighing me, taking my blood pressure, checking your heartbeat, etc.

Your movements have become more frequent now and as much as Daddy tried to feel, he couldn't. Sometimes you would move right where his hand was, but it's so subtle that he couldn't tell. Eventually you'll be big enough where he can feel you move and kick.
The doctor told me that your head is down, so according to where I feel you move, it's your arms that I feel. I guess you like to punch or push agaisn't me.
Everything is normal - you're growing - I'm growing - and your heartbeat is perfect. We did get the prescription to go ahead and do the Level 2 ultrasound this weekend to find out what you are - so exciting!

When I got to work I was greeted by a bag of clothes in my cubicle. Yesterday my co-worker told me that she had a bunch of maternity clothes that didn't need anymore so she brought them in for me. Of course I almost started crying (these hormones) - that was so nice of her!