19.2: Is That You?

Dear Addy,
I've been waiting for the day to feel you moving around in my belly and I think it's finally here! I started feeling some weird sensations in my stomach yesterday which made me think back to our baby book. It said that when we start feeling your movements around this time, that it would feel like little bubbles in the tummy. I felt it yesterday, a few times last night and now all day today - I think it's you moving around. Feeling you move definitely makes this experience seem so real...it's really starting to hit me that I'm carrying around a person in there. If those really are your little kicks and punches - you're one active baby!

I barely got any sleep last night due to this cough! There's nothing more I'd rather do than curl up in bed after work, but Daddy and I are going to a business meeting. This business is the only way I see that would make it possible for me to give you the life that you deserve and allow me to be attentive to you.

We're doing it all for you Addy!