Dear Addy,
While everyone was out BBQ'ing for Memorial Day, I was in bed coughing all day, fighting the same headache that I had since Sunday and being grossed out by my swollen feet. My cough is terrible! It's very loud and painful for me. Sometimes I get into cough spells where I can't even catch my breath and Daddy has to run to the kitchen to get me water. I slept horrible last night. I'd be peacefully for a couple minutes, only to be interrupted by my cough which would wake up Daddy as well. Not to mention, it's so hot all of a sudden! Daddy went to buy a fan for our bedroom only to realize that Costco was closed for the holiday once he got there.
This week you're the size of a mango and I sure can tell. My lower abdomen has been feeling uncomfortable all day - this is a sign of you growing and stretching my ligaments. Anytime I get this feeling it reminds me of the beginning when I didn't know I was pregnant and thought these stomach cramps meant something else - now it doesn't scare me as much - it's actually called ROUND LIGAMENT PAIN.
After work today, Daddy and I will be heading over to the laundry mat in preparation to go to Florida this weekend. I hate laundry mats and I can't understand why barely any apartments in New York have a washer and dryer - or atleast have the hookup available to give you the option of buying one yourself. Why should it be a luxury to be able to wash your clothes in your own house? I don't get it!