18.5 Cousin Khlo Khlo's 2nd Birthday

Dear Addi,
This past Saturday was your cousin Khloe's 2nd birthday party!
The weather suddenly turned hot this weekend and I had nothing to wear to save my life. Luckily Daddy bought me few maternity bottoms the other day and I was able to wear one with a white tank, in hopes that your aunt Nic would have a shirt for me to borrow. Even worse, my feet couldn't fit in any of my shoes! I didn't even notice my feet being swollen!
After a frustrating hour we headed to Brooklyn to pick up the cake. We don't have AC in our car, and the trimming on the cake ended up melting into a complete mess by the time we got to Long Island. I felt so horrible and knew that Auntie Nic would be dissappointed...and she was. I made the suggestion of going to the supermarket to see if they could make something really quick and luckily they were able to...mainly because I told the sad story about the cake.

Before we knew it guests started arriving and it turned into a full blown kid fest in a matter of minutes!  Auntie Nic even had a bounce house and magician for the kids - I'm not too sure who had the most fun, the kids or the parents. There was lots of candy and snacks and amazing goody bags for the children to take home. Auntie Nic did an amazing job on the decor, even making the balloon arch by herself - I can't wait to see what she puts together for your Baby Shower.

Throughout the party I couldn't help but to think that next year you'll be here for Khloe's birthday and you'll be one of the many babies in attendance. Daddy and talked about the fact that being at that party was like looking into our future, as our lives will now consists of birthday parties and other children related events like these. Everyone there was married, had children or was pregnant - as out of place as I felt (because I'm still adjusting), I also felt as though I belonged and it made me think about the friendships that I have. I sometimes feel as though I have nothing in common with my friends anymore and I can't help but wonder how this will all play out once you arrive and I willingly change my priorities. I guess only time will tell.We love you Addi.