back on 17.8 | BBQ ON THE "DAY OF RAPTURE"

Dear Addi,
As strange as this sounds, the world was supposed to come an end on Saturday May 21st at 6pm - this according to some fanatic religious man who scammed thousands if not millions into following him. But because I believe in God and not man, I didn't buy into this at all. On Saturday morning Daddy got his haircut while I went to get my hair done for the first time in months. Afterwards, I headed out to Long Island to attend a bbq with my bestfriends to celebrate a graduation. The funny thing about it is that despite the weather being beautiful all day, at exactly 6pm the clouds rolled in and it started to rain - everyone started joking that the rapture was really coming, lol. Atleast our bellies would have been full and we were surrounded by friends :)
There was so much food and despite me wanting to eat everything, I just had a hot dog and mac & cheese. At this point in my pregnancy my meals have to be small or ... ya know... As usual, the girls and I talked about you a lot - everyone is so excited to meet you! If you're a boy, I'm sure you won't mind being surrounded by beautiful ladies & if you're a girl you'll have an abundance of amazing women as role models. Either way you're going to be surrounded by so much love.