18.0: my sweet potato

Dear Addi,
You're officially 18 weeks today and apparently the size of a sweet potato! Every week as you grow, Daddy and I always read the baby book to find out your length so that we can measure the ruler and see exactly how big you are. I've learned that at this point you're rolling around, kicking, twisting, yawning and punching in my belly - I should be able to start feeling your movements pretty soon - I can't wait!
Daddy wasn't able to make it in for work today so I got to spend some time with him this morning. I had some baked zitti that I decided to have for breakfast instead of dinner (lol) and you weren't a fan of that idea. Thankfully, Daddy was there to help me out in the bathroom and then took me to Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast instead. Although I don't have morning sickness frequently, I've been experiencing it more frequently during my 2nd trimester than the 1st - I guess you're no longer shy about what you don't want to eat since you wouldn't let me finish dinner either.