Goodness! Week 15 is almost up and I haven't taken a photo as yet :( I'm home from work today after waking up with a weird cramp in my abdomen. After taking it easy and drinking lots of water (seems that's what the problem was) I'm starting to feel alot better.
Yesterday I had my first crazy pregnant woman moment. My co-worker brought in some amazing mini cupcakes earlier this week and I almost passed out after trying the Red Velvet. I couldn't stop thinking about the cupcakes, and after work yesterday, I just had to have one. I called my co-worker and had her give me directions, which resulted in me actually turning my car around to go in the opposite direction. Not only did I get lost a couple times, my gas tank was just about empty and I was nowhere near home. After finally finding the place, I realize I have no quaters to pay the meter, but was so intent on getting those cupcakes that I ran into the store anyway - only to find it was closed. I'm so serious when I tell you I was getting ready to cry. Luckily for me, after the owner saw my incredibly sad face, she let me in and I thanked her a million times.
She was so nice and even told me how cute my baby bump was, lol...I'm still getting used to that. This is my new obsession and I have to let my sister know that my baby shower cake must be from this cakeshop!
I can't say that I've had anyy specific cravings so far in my pregnancy - but I HAD to have those cupcakes yesterday!
Did you or anyone you know have any crazy cravings when they were pregnant?
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