14.2: somewhere between being fat and pregnant

I'm in a weird stage where I don't quite look pregnant...I just look like a swollen blob of fat walking around. One day I'll be one of those glowing preggo ladies...just not today! Baby is currently sitting on my sciatic nerve which causes me severe lower back pain that shoots all my down my right butt cheeck and the back of my right thigh - it's so painful. So painful that yesterday I could no longer sit at work and knelt down on one of my pillows at my desk while I took phone calls. I decided to sleep on the opposite side to eliviate the pain, and now the pain is on that side, causing me to limp all day at work today. Want to know the best part? My sciatica is not going to go away untl the baby is born! Isn't that great? 5.5 more months of this! The doctor said I could take Tylelnol (which I'm not going to do), or I could do physical therapy (which I'm not gonna do), so I'm going to try prenatal yoga to help me out. (Le sigh)...but it will all be worth it. On a lighter note, my makeup shop is open, so you should stop by. If you want to earn money back from your purchase you can hit the sign up button (which is free) and put in royalist_unfranchise@yahoo.com when it asks who referred you.