13.3: i have no waistline...

I'm really starting to feel pregnant here people! My denial is officially over and out the window! Last night I went to a business meeting and it was so dramatic for me.
First, we didn't have time to me to eat dinner between leaving work and the time of the meeting and I almost lost it! I started getting a headache and knew that I wasn't going to make it till 10pm in that meeting. We were in Flushing, which is majority Chinese - so everywhere was Chinese food - and Baby is not a fan. Husband ended up walking around the neighborhood until he found a Burger King, which wasn't the best thing, but it had to do.
Then I had a pee a million times! The last time,the bathroom ended up being closed for cleaning, so I had to go downstairs to the lobby to find out where another one was. The receptionist gave me a key and told me to go in there anyway. So I go back up to my floor, open the bathroom only to be greeted by a cleaning man who told me I had to get out. I was about to use the pregnant card for the first time - but I ended up on the 7th floor to find another bathroom. Then I got lost trying to find the reception area before getting back to the meeting.
To top it off, the chair we were sitting on had no support and after 2 and half hours, I couldn't take it anymore and we ended up leaving half an hour early. My back was killing me! I could barely walk to the car...it was painful. Did I mention I also rested my head on my husbands lap and took a nap in the middle of the meeting - it was bad!
My bump made an incredible appearance today! Freaked me out! I'm showing! I had to send a pic to my hubby at work, he was so excited and has been obsessed wth my belly since I got home today. I guess the secret will be out at work soon since I won't be able to layer when it get's warmer, lol.
Besides my bump, there was nothing else to smile about at work today - our system was down and my back was still murdering me - I felt horrible and walked around like an old lady.
I'm off to have some ice cream and a back rub - enjoy your night!