my 2nd trimester! wooohooo!

Today marks my 13th week of pregnancy and 1st week of my 2nd trimester!
Allegedly, this is supposed to be the easiest of the 3 trimesters but that remains to be seen. Although it's not huge, I've been noticing a little bump since the weekend and it's blowing my mind. I swear there was nothing there last week.
Now in my second trimester, I'm looking foward to getting my energy back and am enjoying the last two weeks of being able to sleep on my back. My Baby Book says that once you hit 15 weeks, sleeping on your stomach or back is absolutely forbidden. They suggest sleeping on your left side which is the position that gives baby the most oxygen.
My back has been killing me. It seems to be due to the fact that I work sittingg down all day. I usually get up every half an hour or so to go potty, but even those frequent trips seem to do no good. I also have a pillow I sit on and one for my back and I'm still in pain just about everyday...still, pain!
But I'll live.
Wishing you all a beautiful week ahead,