12.3: The 12 Week Checkup!

I went into the 12 week appointment very excited to hear Baby's heartbeat, but after running late to the appointment and then having to wait an hour to see the doctor - I just wanted to go home and sleep. The doc told me all my bloodwork from the previous visit was great but they've yet to get back the pap smear results (yup I said pap smear!). Then she asked to see my belly and poked around the uterus to feel the baby. My husband almost had a heart attack but we assured him that the doctor knew what she was doing and wasn't hurting the baby at all - lol. But it was uncomfortable and I continued to be uncomfortable for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, Doc told me that I wouldn't be able to hear Baby's heartbeat until the next visit ((insert "let down" here)). She said 12 weeks is right at the border line of when we'd be able to hear it and the instrument they had wouldn't do much justice for us at that point.
We also learned that I've been gaining and loosing the same 2 lbs throughout my pregnancy - so now I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight...but I'm sure I'll make up for it in the next few weeks.
I felt pretty good today and even took the time to think about what I was wearing to work and put some makeup on, lol. I got lots of compliments at work today which made me feel great since I've been in a slump for the past few weeks. Well...except...I almost fell asleep in a company meeting today - not because I didn't care about about what was going on...but I can't sit in one spot for too long without moving around or I'll fall asleep, lol. One of my co-workers caught me dosing off and thought it was hilarious - I just kept praying that I didn't get caught.
"Lord, please keep my eyes open", I kept saying to myself.
I've also been praying hard about having to give blood AGAIN next visit - I HATE needles! At that visit they'll be checking to make sure Baby doesn't have any genetic defects.
I also have to do a chest x-ray soon. Because I was born in Jamaica and vaccinated there, I tested positive for Tuberculosis - although I don't have it. But of course they just want to check to make sure anyway!We also checked out apartments today...but that's another story...let's just say New York rent prices make me sick to my stomach...

Until next time...