12.0: I Feel Pregnant As Hell Today!

I hit the monumental 12 week mark today and all of a sudden I feel super pregnant. For the past couple of weeks, if it wasn't for the exhaustion and few other symtoms, I'd forget I was pregant - not today! Although Baby is just a few ounces, my belly felt heavier today - I actually feel like I'm carrying something in there now...and if I'm not mistaking, my belly is a tiny bit bigger. I think the nutritionist was lying to me when she said I only gained 2 pounds, because I feel like I gained 20...but I've heard its normal t feel heavier than you actually are.
Prior to finding out I was pregnant, I was hitting the gym pretty hard and shedding pounds - although that won't be my intent for the next 6 months, I do want to get back in the gym as soon as possible. I want to be fit during my pregnancy - I know exercise helps with delivery and makes it a bit easier to shed the pounds post baby. I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow, so I will ask what I can and cannot do and how much I can do for now.
Speaking of being fit while being pregnant, I came across the cutest photos of hot preggo mama Mel B with her family today:
I love that her hubby can't seem to keep his hands off her :)
Hope you're enjoying your Monday.