{10.3} on the first few weeks of pregnancy.

I have to admit that I didn't plan to tell most of my friends and family that I was pregnant for another few weeks from now, but as soon as I told my parents, the secret started leaking fast. Fast meaning that by the next day all my family in Jamaica already knew. I called another aunt in Florida to tell her and she already knew...it was ridiculous! We figured everyone would be excited, but jeez, lol! Hubby and I then decided we may as well tell the people closest to us, instead of them hearing from someone else - and now the cat is out of the bag in our closest circle.
West Indian people are very superstitious about telling people they're expecting before a certain time, so there is one side of me that is terrified - and the other side that assures me that as long as I believe in God, I shouldn't be superstitious at all. Only 2 or 3 people I know actually know, actually know about this blog - so I feel that I can speak openly (to some extent) without people who I don't want in my business, being in my business...lol...if that makes sense.After telling a friend that I was expecting, she tagged me in a facebook status congratulating me on the news, and I was horrified. If you are reading this, please don't feel bad - I'm hormonal and paranoid about everything these days, resulting in me untagging myself. No big deal!
The week after I found out I was pregnant, I was at the doctors office literally everyday for 5 days straight. Between all the random tests, blood being drawn and a tramatic pap smear in front of my husband - it was a lot! The highlight of that week was doing my first sonogram...but that's for another post.
(sidebar) how crazy do I look in this pic?
can u tell i was tired and look forward to bloodwork and
all the other madness they did to me that day?
I hate going to the doctor and I fear needles - but I get excited to go to the doctors now. I'm always anxious to make sure that everything is ok with Baby and that I'm also doing my part. I'm so excited to go next week and to another appointment the week after. So far Hubby has been to every appointment, and since he's spoiled me with that luxury, I hope that he can continue to make all of them. Afterall, he's the one that's been holding my hand everytime I get stuck with a needle, and making sure to simultaneously whisper in my ear that this is all to make sure that our child is healthy.
FUNNY STORY: I was so thirsty at work today! My mouth was literally dry despite frequent trips to the water cooler. I told my husband about my unusual day and he started cracking up! He said that last night when I was sleeping, he talked to the baby for about half an hour, and told him or her to make sure that I drank a lot of water today so that I keep him/her hydrated. We laughed at that for about 5 minutes on the way home. Is Baby already being obidient to Daddy? Or is a coincidence? We'll never know...

PS: I'm so excited to show off the new look of my blog courtesy of Blush Ink! I've been reading Kelly's blog for over a year now and was over the moon when she opened up her template shop. I fell in love with this design the moment I saw it! Of course I had to have it! Finally this blog look has some personality and the look is more of a reflection of me!