china by way of bahamas.

Once we got off the ship, we caught a taxi and made our way to the hotel.  I've been to
Grand Bahama Island before, but this was my first time exploring this particular area called
 The International Bazaar - it's divided into sections according to different cultures with resturants and
shops reflecting each nation. My dad travels here a lot and knows the place like the back of his hand.
He recommended one of his favorite Chinese spots, so we braved the heat and walked on over from the hotel.
We sat at this outdoor table and had some good ol' chicken wings, fried
rice and sweet & sour pork - so good. I liked that this place had less of a tourist feel. All the
customers besides us were locals...most tourists stay close to the beach, but we were like 2 miles
inland which was fine with was very quiet. We also chatted with the owner for a little bit
and told him how much we loved the food.
...more to come..